Saturday, November 3, 2012

California Boys (part II)

Warning: Please read part I first.
Oh, and just to let you know, the other guy is Bro. Davis, our hometeacher. His board, his wetsuits, and his car. We'd like to thank him for that. . . (our pics though :)
Dad's turn!!:
 All Clear
 Dad chastised me for not getting any good pictures of him, so for name's sake, I'll say that was him. I really don't think there were any opportunities to take a good pic of him though.
 Watch out! (that didn't end good)
 Whoa! (nor did that end good... the board is supposed to be on the water, not the air)
 If at first you don't succeed,
 Get dunked under the water again!
 Dad's first (and perhaps only) successful attempt surprisingly! Now he just has to learn to get to his feet.
 That, is how he ended most of his surf attempts.
Surrendering for the day.
As you can see, we California boys have much fun here. We can't wait till ya'll come to see us, boy do we got some surprises.

California Boys

Hey guys! Ikemoster in the house! It's been a while since I've posted on here. Even longer since Lu has. Anyways, just a little update on what we've been doing here since we moved to Cali.
Can you guess what we've now officially done?

 Prepping for failure
 Death Sentence
 My First Wave!
 Gliding towards the shore
 Getting up
 On my knees!
 On My Feet!!
soon to be on my butt. Now, the fun doesn't stop here, but for data's sake, the post does. Please see our next post for Dad's pics!! (you don't wanna miss it)

Friday, October 12, 2012


HEEEY!!!!!! The cruise was so fun!!!! Wouldn't ya'll agree?? Let's do another one! What have you been up to lately? Leave a pic showing what you do everyday!

 And give them bathes every night..
 And Jacob comes out first..
 And I put him in the living room but he ALWAYS crawls back fast to come watch Katelyn..
 Oh and one more, just because everyone's been requesting this picture of Buddy bear!
Post your pics too!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hunger Game-Themed Cruise!!

We are almost ready to go on the cruise!!!! 13 days and we'll be off!!!
(Bubba's Logo)
The Awesome Uncle Ike,
signing out,
-Isaac Morris

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Battle of the Stache

It's on ya'll! This is a competition for all the males of the family and Dana! Please see Lu for details ASAP :)

Isaac: and here are some pictures of our previous mustache contest. Try to beat it!

I think we clearly know who won there... ;) Katelyn!!

Morris Family Renunion!

Well Mom didn't get the most pictures ever, but here ya go ya'll!

PS- Wish we had more of big head!

"The Head" hula-hooping :)

Nephanie Hooping it Up

The Laur-hoop

That's right, guess who won it all :)

This was Daryl's 3rd straight year struggling in the Morris Olympic events.... time to retire

Couldn't get enough Daryl

Uncle Ranknee, I mean, Randy hehehe

His tiny waist betrayed him :(

Dude-- check out the old guy

K fine she really won but whatevs

Heidi had a personal best of 2.2 seconds!!!!

Chloe skipped the hips and went straight for the jugular

Ya.... being Peruvian didn't help this one hehe ;) she kept saying "but I was good as a little gurl you should have seen me!"

Hula-hoop finals baby!

Bubba can't multitask :(

Girl's hula-hoop final!!

Team Unity

This reunion was dominated by blondies!

Yes--that's a zit


That's all folks!