Saturday, November 3, 2012

California Boys (part II)

Warning: Please read part I first.
Oh, and just to let you know, the other guy is Bro. Davis, our hometeacher. His board, his wetsuits, and his car. We'd like to thank him for that. . . (our pics though :)
Dad's turn!!:
 All Clear
 Dad chastised me for not getting any good pictures of him, so for name's sake, I'll say that was him. I really don't think there were any opportunities to take a good pic of him though.
 Watch out! (that didn't end good)
 Whoa! (nor did that end good... the board is supposed to be on the water, not the air)
 If at first you don't succeed,
 Get dunked under the water again!
 Dad's first (and perhaps only) successful attempt surprisingly! Now he just has to learn to get to his feet.
 That, is how he ended most of his surf attempts.
Surrendering for the day.
As you can see, we California boys have much fun here. We can't wait till ya'll come to see us, boy do we got some surprises.


  1. So guys, do you think... perhaps, we should give the others the password and info for this blog? I know aj knows the password, but he doesn't have a status account, nor does nate. I feel kinda bad since aj is like our only follower... well... a bit bad... It's kinda funny though...

  2. Hahahaha I could not stop laughing at this!! I scared poor Jacob cause I was laughing so hard that he started crying!! Haha oh I love dad! You guys are awesome!! I can't wait to come explore California and the fun things you guys do there!

  3. Hahaha I was trying hard not to laugh cause I'm rocking Ellie to sleep!! Once I'm done here then I'll let out a good laugh! That's so cool you guys did that! What a nice home teacher to help you be true Californians!

  4. Hahahahahahahaha oh my goodness the girl next to me thinks i'm crazy i'm laughing so hard!

  5. Ah, bro. Davis! Love that guy! Want to buy his dental practice!